Tous i Maroto 4, Palma

"Don't Worry Darling"


Photography, 12 Ex

124 x 118 cm





 MANHATTAN (Audrey Hepburn)


Photocollage on canvas


120 x 160 cm







Bronze / Bronce

Ed. 7





Venedig III


Acryl auf Leinwand

Acrylic on canvas

Acrílico sobre tela


200 x 140 cm 


Unikat / Original / Original 







"SASHA" - 2018


Archival pigment inks


86 x 86 cm


 Limited edition 100



"HAMLET", 2020


Bronzeskulptur, patiniert, handbemalt

Bronze sculpture with patina, hand painted

 Escultura de bronce patinado pintado a mano


62,5 x 19 x 20 cm


Auflage 30 Ex./ Edition of 30 Ex./ Edición de 30 Ej.


Signiert und nummeriert

Signed and numbered

Firmado y numerado


Auf Aufrage / On request / Bajo pedido

The Lioness







Size S 90 x 120 cm, Edition 12

Size M 125,5 x 150 cm, Edition 7

Size L 150 x 200 cm, Edition 5

Joachim Schmeisser at ZIBB in RBB

Photographer Joachim Schmeisser was a guest at ZIBB on RBB.
He spoke with Madeleine Wähle about his new book "Last of Their Kind"
and his work with Africa's last wild animals.


Click here to watch the Interview


Serie "Olivera" / 1906


Jacquardgewebe auf Keilrahmen

Jacquard Woven on frame

Tejido Jacquard sobre bastidor


175 x 185 cm


Unikat / Unique piece / Original



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